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Legal Research and Writing

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aLegal Research and Writing Program (LRW) is a series of sequenced, interrelated exercises introducing students to the way lawyers conduct legal research, analyze and frame legal positions, and present their work in writing and in oral argument. The study includes meetings of library staff, and upper class teaching assistants. Students actively learn research and writing skills by preparing multiple drafts of memoranda and other documents and by becoming familiar with accessing both print and electronic research materials.

Rendering of all legal support related services
To provide arbitration, conciliation, mediation services for rendering disputes between two or more parties including individuals, companies, proprietors, associates, unions or any other form of legal entities and to act as the arbitrators, conciliators, mediators and also to co-ordinate with the other professionals such as CA, CS, CWA, MBA,CFA etc. in respect with their professional services.

To carry on the business of legal support services in the areas of management related laws, technical, industrial, financial, commercial and investment related laws, personnel and labour laws, research consultants, publication of books, periodicals and journals (including publications through electronic media),audio-visual recordings of pleadings, training, analysis of data, techniques and to establish and to render any and all other law related services of professional and legal nature and to enter into any contract in relation thereto.

To carry on the business of providing outsourcing professional legal services for all types of industries processes, sub Processes, transactions, activities and all other work performed by business in various industries in respect of legal field within India and across the world. This includes those process or sub processes that are enabled by information technology. It also includes data, voice or video collection and processing, call centre services including in bound and out bound calling services of all kinds, technical support, managed data centre, managed technical centre, training centre, web support back office, legal research work and analysis, customer relationship management and to develop legal softwares (i.e. Research Softwares, Law Diary etc.), provide professional consultancy in respect of the legal software, legal software solution and professional legal software solution services and to own, establish, run and operate the recording unit for the purpose of providing audio visual materials to the clients which helps them in the litigation process and sound mixing, dubbing and editing of such material as a professional legal service provider and to charge fees for such services.

To carry on the business of Legal Software designing, developing, customization, implementation, maintenance, testing and benchmarking of the legal software, and to sell, purchase, distribute, host (in data centers or over the web) or otherwise deal in own and third party legal software programs and solutions, and to provide internet / web based applications, services and solutions, provide or take up Information technology related law assignments on sub-contracting basis, offering services on-site/ offsite or through development centers using owned /hired or third party infrastructure and equipment, providing and taking personnel / consultants/ human resources to / from other organizations, providing legal solutions/ law services through legal applications services provider mode via internet or otherwise, to undertake IT enabled services like call Centre Management and legal transcription, etc. and in providing legal consultancy services in all above mentioned areas and to charge fees for such professional legal research development services.

To carry on the legal research activities and to develop and maintain legal research centres and library for own use and for others and to promote research and development in law fields and to charge fees for such professional legal research services.

To provide comprehensive legal support services to its clients in different areas and totally devoted to meeting the clients demands in the context of present legal prospective and further to timely meet the client’s needs.

To make or conduct representations, seminars, legal awareness programmes before any body corporate, authority, corporations, firm, person or association of persons or any other professional law services required by any corporate authority, corporations, person, firm or association of persons and to charge fees for such services and help, whether in India or abroad.

To committed to building a highly coveted workplace where the staff can cultivate their talents and to provide international quality, seamlessly integrated, and solution-oriented professional legal services to establish, structure and protect the client’s business interests.

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